The Royalty and Clémenceau square are part of the beautiful history of Biarritz.

Historically known as a whale fishing port, the destiny of the city changed in the XIX th century, when the gorgeous Eugénie de Montigo convinced her husband the Emperor Napoléon III to build an imperial residency there.

Since then, elites from every corner of the world and generation of artists, athletes and public personalities settled there from few days to few months and led Biarritz to become the first thermal seaside resort.

Today surf capitale, Biarritz and the Basque coast are described as the « European California » by NY Times.

It’s told that the Royalty is an institution and a myth in where those who came by, celebrities or anonymous are making everyday’s history.

We are happy to write with all of you this new page for the Royalty and proud to be the successors of this mythical place.

Welcome to Royalty.